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Ormewood Park is Getting Back in the Festival Game

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Come October, expect an Atlanta festival where patrons might actually learn something

Most Atlanta newcomers are probably unaware that Ormewood Park once held an annual festival, much like its neighbor Grant Park does each August. Now, neighborhood leaders are pulling for a blast from the past, come October.

They're calling it the "Meet the Makers Festival." Pencil it in for Saturday, Oct. 1.

"It's our intention this year to not only bring back the festival, and draw attention to the neighborhood that we love so much, but to offer a festival that enhances life experiences and the concept of being home," Hannah Thompson, Ormewood Park Social Chair, explained in an email to Curbed Atlanta.

Beyond the usual ATL festival fare — beer tents, food trucks, an artists market, kiddie area, and a music stage — expect a unique twist in Ormewood this fall: mass patron creativity.

The focus, Thompson said, will be on makers — from hobbyists to professionals — who will conduct workshops that cover a wide range of interests, including: beekeeping, blacksmithing, candle-making, rug-weaving, beer-making, home repairs, and more. Plans call for between 30 and 40 workshops.

Thompson and company have been planning the festival for the past six months, and in coming months Atlantans can expect to see a course list (with online registration info) and many more festival details.