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Reynoldstown Beltline Development Plans Unveiled

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Fuqua releases plans, renderings for site along Memorial Drive

Fuqua Development has unveiled tentative plans for a major mixed-use development wedged against Memorial Drive and the Beltline corridor.

A new marketing flyer released by the controversial developer elaborates on his planned project in Reynoldstown, which includes more than 100,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space — including (potentially) a CineBistro and Sprouts — plus 120,000 square feet of offices, 600 apartments, and 100 condos.

Fuqua purchased the site at 905 Memorial Drive last year, which didn't thrill a lot of folks, given the developer's penchant for big-box projects. Fuqua's planned overhaul will replace a warehouse facility butted up against Interstate 20.

According to this rendering, which might not represent the latest version of Fuqua's plans, retail spaces would front the Beltline, helping to tie the development to the trail and neighborhood. The project, however, would still be dominated by parking lots and have a distinctly suburban bent. What Now Atlanta reports that these plans might have been altered already due to neighborhood ire.