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This Cozy Grant Park Charmer is Asking $420,000

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Come for the gracious front porch; stay for the unyielding whiteness

For reasons unexplained, this 1920s cottage in Grant Park is nicknamed the "Twin Hollies " house, and its adorableness only begins there.

It's new to the market this week with a $420,000 asking price, which buys a smidgen more than 1,600 square feet and two bedrooms — plus a cool upstairs flex space accessible, perhaps annoyingly, by a retractable ladder.

Cooling, brilliant-white walls, ceilings, and even floors abound here, which provide a nice contrast to colored contemporary shower tiles. As of now, the whiteness of the walls isn't interrupted by pesky dark things like televisions.

Out front, the screened porch increases functionality, but purists might decry the screening as architectural sacrilege. The restored fireplaces are beautiful, and the Nest Thermostat is a nice touch, too.