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Fences Go Up, Midtown Building Coming Down

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With permits in hand, work on multifaceted Ascent Midtown should soon get underway

A heaping helping of bulldozer bait is officially on the table in Midtown. Chain-link fencing has been erected on West Peachtree Street in preparation for a big new mixed-use development that should help elongate the Midtown skyline northward.

Ascent Midtown will fill a large swath of land between West Peachtree and Spring streets, just south of 18th Street. The project was first announced back in August.

Designed by R2L:Architects and being built by Greystar, the development is planned to feature 176 hotel rooms and 328 apartments. Retail space and a parking deck will also be part of the finished project.

Permits for the new building were issued last week, paving way for the demolition of the banal three-story office building which currently occupies a portion of the site. The crazy-looking curved concrete MARTA fan room that fronts West Peachtree Street will also be demolished for the project.