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Report: Atlantans are Picky Buyers and Sellers

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Turns out that a relatively high number of Atlanta residents are in the real estate game for the long haul

When it comes to finding the perfect house, Atlantans are apparently no settlers.

According to Atlanta magazine, survey results released by indicate that Atlanta buyers won't give up on the search for the perfect house. In fact, 25 percent of buyers in the city are willing to hunt for the perfect home for a full year, making them more patient than the national average of 17 percent.

But, according to the survey, it goes both ways.

While buyers are adamant about getting the features they want, Atlanta sellers are hellbent on getting their asking price. The survey indicates that eight out of 10 Atlanta sellers deem getting their asking price as the most important aspect of selling. And 40 percent of Atlantans are willing to keep their houses on the market for more than six months to get it.

Who knew Atlantans were so dedicated?