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$325K Townhome is Relatively Affordable Option West of Midtown

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Three floors, a two-car garage, and tasteful design for miles

Due west of Midtown, the fittingly named M West community has been offering townhome enthusiasts of Atlanta a cove of relative affordability since the project finished in 2005.

Several units are on the market right now, and this two-bedroom, two-and-1/2-bathroom listing could be the swankest. Elsewhere, and especially on Atlanta's eastern flank, it'd be a tall task to find 1,832 stylish and open square feet with multiple levels and a two-car garage for $325,000.

In this case, "open" means 20-foot ceilings with a huge stack of Pella windows. Beyond that, perks include a built-in Bose speaker system, an upgraded master bathroom, and pale-pretty hickory hardwoods covering the entire third floor.

The catch (or yet another perk) is that interested purchasers must be able to stomach audacious exterior paint schemes and vaguely Swedish architecture.

M West

1279 Mackintosh Park NW, Atlanta, GA 30318