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Old Fourth Ward Container House Aims for $550K

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Two years and $100K later, this unique modern property is offered again

Two blocks south of Edgewood Avenue, in the less baby-strollered reaches of the Old Fourth Ward, these twin stacks of shipping-container homes have garnered media attention over the years for defying the conventional expectations of Atlanta housing.

And now one of them is back on the market, asking $549,900.

The same property was featured on these pages in 2014, but the owners reportedly opted for a longterm lease instead of selling. Two years, a fresh exterior paint job, and some new listing photos later, the 1,856-square-foot, three-bedroom property is asking $100,000 more. Or about $300 per square foot.

Finished about five years ago, the three-story townhomes with drive-under garages are built from "high-cube" containers, sourced from local rail yards. This one doesn't lack for skyline views, natural light, or walkability to MARTA and all the after-dark splendors of the Edgewood corridor.