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Long-Abandoned Peachtree Project Coming Back to Life?

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One of Atlanta's most recognizable blighted buildings is past-due for a major overhaul

Hundreds of thousands of Atlantans see it daily, a woebegone beacon welcoming locals and visitors into the city along Interstate 85. Topped by a peach and covered in an eight-story, rotating advertisement, it's pretty impossible to miss.

For more than a decade, the midcentury office building at 1655 Peachtree St. on the cusp of The Connector in Midtown has stood empty, languishing. Intended to be converted into condos in 2005, the building has been stuck in limbo through the recession and ongoing recovery of the area to the immediate south.

While permit records indicate that plans to convert the shell of a building into a hotel surfaced in 2012, nothing substantial has really happened. Until this week.

Wednesday, cranes were seen moving equipment from the roof of the building, indicating that something might be afoot. Property records show that the owners lodged a zoning verification last month, adding fuel to the mystery. Inquiries submitted the applicant have not been returned.

Needless to say, the building has potential, given its prominent location and interstate connectivity. It was rightfully described by Atlanta magazine as one of the city's biggest eyesores last year. We'll post updates if they come.