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Ever Wanted Your Own Bed and Breakfast? Ansley Inn is $4.6 million

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Property was built in 1907 for a famous clothier

The historic building formerly known as Ansley Inn is up for grabs to anybody in the market for 16 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and damn near half an acre of indoor space (17,367 square feet).

Touted in the listing as a "once in a generation opportunity" and located "just steps" from Piedmont Park, this English Tudor mansion has some history, as one might suspect.

According to Inns North — a compendium of facts and stats about the country's many bed and breakfast spots — the inn was built in 1907 as the home of Atlanta clothier George Muse.

That name might sound familiar. He owned the George Muse Clothing Co., which was located long ago on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, according to Atlanta Time Machine. At age 16, Muse also built the original version of what would become the Wren's Nest in 1870, according to a blog on the nonprofit organization's website.

The defunct Expedia listing for the (former) Ansley Inn boasted of "massive fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, oriental rugs and period pieces ..." If the photos from the for-sale listing are any indication, there's still some chandeliers dangling about, and the many fireplaces remain.

Otherwise, it seems like a clean slate for all the prospective bed and breakfast barons out there.