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$1M New Construction in Decatur is Refreshingly Different

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It's fresh, large, and of course, more than a million bucks

The listing for this $1.09 million new project in Decatur throws around superlatives like "enviable," "upscale," "exquisite," and "refined, yet welcoming." Here's another that's more lowbrow but appropriate: "different."

In a city full of ground-up new Craftsmans and contemporary creations, this one by Thrive Homes takes a fresh approach, with steep, Tudor-style rooflines, classic archways, bountiful brick, and touches like Bevelo gas lanterns for a result that seems timeless but current.

And different.

Located just north of East Lake — "on prestigious Adams Street!" shouts the listing — and not a bad walk to the Oakhurst Village, it isn't quite finished, but the end product will have five bedrooms and almost 3,700 square feet.

Expect Thermador appliances, a sweet screened porch with a fireplace, and exceptionally grand hallways.