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City Questions Hosting Concerts. Citizens Question if City is Out of Touch.

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With a new proposal to possibly host a music festival itself, it seems the Atlanta City Council may have missed a few things

In what may be the most perplexing news of the year, the Atlanta City Council has concocted a proclamation to form a committee to investigate the feasibility of hosting a music festival in the city, according to the AJC.

The 13-member "Atlanta Music Festival Committee" will be made up of people appointed by the city government, as well as people in the entertainment and tourism industry.

However, what the city seems to be neglecting is the fact that Atlanta plays host to a slew of ridiculously massive festivals celebrating food, music, neighborhoods, and even trees... So the latest news leaves some wondering exactly what the city needs to be looking into. The city could potentially be positioning itself to compete with the array of privately sponsored events, but it would be a tough game to break into.

Last week Shaky Knees dominated downtown, with Shaky Beats poised to do the same this weekend. Sweet Auburn Springfest gave revelers something to celebrate a week ago, and not long before that was 420 Fest and the Dogwood Festival. And that's not to mention what is likely the largest party, Music Midtown, in the fall.

But it sounds like the city's super committee would be aiming for something a bit different — think Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Taste of Chicago, or the Austin Urban Music Festival. The way things are going in Atlanta, though, it could be tough to find a fair-weather weekend that isn't spoken for already.