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With Icy $1.1M Listing, Minimalist Movement Migrates to Sandy Springs

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Name brands (and shiny concrete) abound around here

Clean, minimalistic, and perhaps arctic residential construction is all the rage in neighborhoods such as Edgewood, where concrete floors are practically de rigueur, and now the approach has made its way to ITP Sandy Springs.

Just north of Brookhaven, this $1.1 million modern recently wrapped, offering four bedrooms, 2,635 square feet, a saline pool, and the antithesis of shag carpeting — high-gloss concrete floors. Everywhere.

Beyond contemporary enthusiasts, it should appeal to techies and anyone who appreciates fine brand names. The gourmet kitchen has Sub-Zero and Wolf stuff, the master bathroom boasts Robern vanities, and the home includes a built-in Sonos system, motorized Mecho shades, and flatscreen TVs aplenty.

The gleaming Tesla in the garage is probably not included.