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At $505K, Candler Park Townhome is First Axis Resale

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A case where "barely used" seems rather appropriate

The paint has barely dried on Axis Townhomes, a modern-style batch of semi-detached units that fronts DeKalb Avenue in Candler Park, and a corner unit is up for resale at $505,000.

According to the listing agent, the original owner relocated from Atlanta and left these wide-plank floors, upgraded appliances, and even the included washer and dryer "barely used." If the listing photos are any indication, that description seems appropriate.

When this 12-home project, designed by TAC Studios Architecture, first blipped the radar in 2014, prices ranged from $479,900 to $489,900, but they didn't exactly move like hotcakes. The development did sell out, however, and this three-bedroom unit above a two-car garage (the largest floorplan at Axis, with 2,300 square feet) is the only one currently for sale.

Additions include California closets in the master and custom blinds. Perks include its artful use of skylights and what looks like a pretty chill deck, though rooftop accommodations would have been a real sweet cherry on this cake.