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Eight Renovated Homes for Sale in Atlanta

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From Summerhill, to Decatur, to Buckhead, these modern makeovers are extreme, in some cases



Curbed Atlanta's inaugural Renovation Week begins right now with a look at intriguing, beautiful, space-conscious, and clever renovations all around the city. Have a gander at updated properties from Summerhill to Buckhead, from authentic lofts to early aughts infill houses that were in need of some 2016 love and care.


Decatur Extreme Makeover

Let's begin on Melrose Avenue in Decatur, where the renovation of this 1935 bungalow is described as "matchless" in the listing. They've infused leaded glass windows and shiplap walls and left little of what came before. It has four bedrooms, a $775,000 price tag, and at least one pending offer.


Revived Midtown Traditional

283 9th St. NE

Here's a beautifully renovated traditional-style dwelling on Midtown's 9th Street, asking a hair over $1 million. It was built in 1910, and the home's six working fireplaces and a claw-foot tub harken the past.


Morningside Redo

1323 Northview Ave. NE

"Renovated to perfection!" declares the listing agent with this brick bungalow from 1925 in Morningside, which is asking $725,000. What's more, the upstairs is where an owner had planned a second story but instead left a "blank canvas." So what's the highlight here? A tossup between the modernized kitchen and the built-in, interior tunnel slide.


1925 Vintage in Kirkwood

1645 Woodbine Ave. NE

It doesn't look much like 1925 anymore inside this cozy-cool Kirkwood bungalow, which offers three bedrooms among less than 1,200 square feet. It listed recently at $277,900.


Modernized Midcentury in Pine Hills

3296 Ferncliff Place NE

Painting natural stone gray is sacrilege in the eyes of some, but it's tough to argue with the interior updates in this three-bedroom, $599,000 listing from 1956, located in a swim-tennis section of Buckhead's Pine Hills neighborhood.

Kitchen, Bathroom Overhauls Downtown

20 Marietta St. NW Unit 7B

This two-bedroom loft on Marietta Street downtown could be an option for budget-conscious condo buyers. It costs $175,000 and offers slickly renovated bathrooms and a kitchen with no shortage of marble and pretty hardwoods.


Spiffied-Up History in Midtown

75 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE Unit 706

This two-bedroom condo from 1913 at The Ponce condominiums — described as Atlanta's original luxury high rise, with its Beaux Arts & Italianate flourishes — has been renovated with new windows, kitchen, bathrooms, and central cooling system. For $349,000, it has about 1,400 square feet and is nice without being flashy. Although the most impressive aspects are probably the common areas.


Summerhill Interior Updates

58 Bass St.

About a block from Turner Field, this "wonderful and absolutely beautiful, completely renovated house" in Summerhill, per the agent, is almost invisible on a sunny day, and it manages to offer four bedrooms on a rather tight lot. Built in 2004, it's by no means an aged property, but the kitchen especially should appease homebuyers of 2016 looking for an intown neighborhood on the come-up. Listing price: $309,000.