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Inside a Glorious, $3.5M Italianate Renovation in Savannah

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Where 1884 meets modern amenities



At the cusp of Columbia Square in the heart of Historic Savannah, this "architectural treasure" from 1884 has undergone recent restorations with its longterm preservation in mind. With a listing price of almost $3.5 million, it oozes glossy-floor elegance and Southern aristocracy.

According to the listing, this property is among the most celebrated historic Italianate mansions in the Hostess City of the South, with original Kehoe Ironworks details still intact inside and out, plus pure white walls and countertops to lend a sense of cool through steamy Savannah summers.

This five-bedroom residence is rimmed in balconies and comprises almost 5,500 square feet, with perks that include a carriage house and rooftop terrace well-suited for bourbon-sipping.

The updates must have set renovators back a pretty penny, as the home sold for $1.6 million just last year