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Reynoldstown Cottage is Surprisingly Cavernous Inside

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Was that an echo?

Straight from the "Looks Can Be Deceiving" files comes this circa-1920 cottage in Reynoldstown, which seems wee from the street but has a big lofty secret inside.

The listing agent swears that renovators maximized every inch of these 1,464 square feet, opening the living and dining rooms into surprisingly soaring spaces with exposed beams above.

Elsewhere, the cottage has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, an updated kitchen with quartz and requisite stainless steel, and an exposed double-sided fireplace that acts as a rustic centerpiece.

Its so-so Walk Score of 67 could improve once the Eastside Trail's extension cuts through R-town, literally a few yards away. The property listed at $394,900 on April 19 and landed a pending contract earlier this month.