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America's First Pop-Up Vineyard Comes to Midtown

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A four-acre plot on 14th Street is being transformed for the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

Nestled between Symphony Tower, which houses Highland Bakery: Midtown, and One Atlantic Center, a small patch of grass is being transformed, leaving passersby (and Curbed tipsters) with questions like:

"WTF is going on right there?"

"Are they setting up to film a movie?"


"Why does it look like a vineyard?"

Well, it turns out it is a vineyard, it’s not for a movie, and it’s only going to be there for about a month. Noses up Midtown! Y’all are the recipients of some cultural pioneersmanship.

The Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is coming to the neighborhood, and in addition to their typical swanky programming, the founders have added a pop-up vineyard, something never before seen in the US of A.

The installment should be completed by Thursday June 2 in time for the opening of the festival. After the festival ends on June 5, the vineyard will stay up for community events, but just ‘til the end of the month.

Elizabeth Feichter, the cofounder of the event, said the idea came from an installation by McGuigan’s Wine in Dublin, Ireland.

"Transforming vacant urban spaces into pocket parks and gathering places is a priority for Midtown, and Vineyard in the City is an exciting and unique approach to accomplishing this," said Kevin Green, President and CEO of Midtown Alliance, in a release.

The vineyard is made up of 60, 20-year-old Sun Grown grapevines, each spanning 12-feet, from Jaemor Farms in Alto, GA, and will be a destination space for several key weekend events. The space will also feature a wildflower meadow and two bocce courts.

Other festival events will take place at the Loews Atlanta Hotel and in Piedmont Park, and will feature 80 award-winning culinary talents hosting seminars, tastings and masterclasses, officials said.

Piedmont Park

400 Park Drive Northeast, , GA 30306 (404) 875-7275 Visit Website