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Two Dated Buckhead Hotels to Get Facelifts

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With new projects popping up across the neighborhood, existing buildings are getting refreshing

It doesn't take long for a building in Buckhead's trendy, upscale market to begin to show its age. And as more new buildings rise all the time, older facilities quickly look more and more dated.

To combat the toll of time, property owners in the area are turning to renovations to keep up with the Joneses. According to BuckheadView, two hotels on the Peachtree Road corridor are planning facade overhauls to appeal to customers.

Hampton Inn, which fronts Piedmont Road just north of Peachtree, is proposing to add a lighted cornice to update the look of the building to align with the chain's new branding. In addition, following feedback from the Development Review Committee, the hotel will spruce up the landscaping in conjunction with a project by the Buckhead Community Improvement District.

Meanwhile, the Ritz-Carlton at Peachtree and Lenox roads is planning to do interior modifications to a restaurant and add a terrace for al fresco dining. The two-story restaurant space that faces Peachtree will be spruced up, with an overhaul of the meeting spaces on the ground floor of the hotel planned as well.

Both are following the lead of the Buckhead Exchange shopping center, which in the finishing stages of a major update.