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Ormewood Park House from 1800s is Asking $500K

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Clawfoot tub? Check.

If walls could talk, this circa-1896 eastside residence probably wouldn't shut up, because it's seen so much and is relatively (and proudly) ancient for Atlanta.

Called one of "Ormewood Park's most beloved homes" in the listing, this charming, updated property is thought to be one of the area's original farmhouses, presiding on its hilltop long before the hipster invasion of nearby East Atlanta Village. Its Southernfried Colonial style is rare for intown Atlanta.

The ceilings rise 10 feet, and the rooms are touted as being large — and they must be, because these 2,384 square feet manage just three bedrooms and two and 1/2 bathrooms, though it sounds like the attic and basement have untapped potential.

Elsewhere, it offers classic white appliances, a clawfoot tub (duh), and the sort of character-rich wood floors and fireplaces that just ooze history. It listed Friday at $499,900.