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CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: The Great Atlanta Festival Face-Off

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Atlanta's loaded with great festivals, but which will reign supreme?

The quest for Great Atlanta Festival Face-Off bragging rights for 2016 has come down to this: a matchup between two longstanding gatherings put on by fun-loving intown neighbors.

After a week of competition, and thousands upon thousands of votes from biased Atlantans, only the Inman Park Festival and Fall Festival in Candler Park remain standing.

The Finals begin right now, and voting will remain open for 24 hours!

A quick review: We selected 16 options unique to Atlanta — both stalwarts and upstarts, musical and not, representing an eclectic mix of neighborhoods — and alphabetized them to determine 1-16 seeding.

Why? Because Atlanta's growing lineup of festivals, perennial mega-events, and wondrous gatherings is getting crowded (this tourney could very well swell to 32 seeds next year). This friendly and highly prestigious tournament is meant to help set the record straight, and determine which events are never to be missed.



Fall Festival in Candler Park: Celebrating 16 years of shindigs come October, this community lynchpin — billed as "Atlanta's Favorite Fall Festival" — has triumphed in the tournament over Grant Park Summer Shade Fest, Decatur's artsy downtown gala, and now Oakhurst Porchfest Chomp & Stomp, capturing 59 percent of 833 votes in the Final Four. It features more than 200 artists.


Inman Park Festival: The Inman Park Festival has been a thing since Jimmy Carter was Georgia governor and Babe Ruth still held the home-run record. And now its status as a top-shelf Atlanta festival could be cemented for eternity. This late-April gala edged the Lantern Parade by just 14 votes last week, and then captured 59 percent of 973 votes to beat neighboring Cabbagetown's Stomp & Chomp the Oakhurst Porchfest.