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For $529K, Summerhill Property is Perky, Pleasant, and Double-Wide

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Possibilities abound for the skinny lot next door

With its double-decker front porches, lush landscaping, and backyard hot tub, this generally pretty four-bedroom abode in Summerhill is touted in the listing as being "a true entertainer's dream" and, randomly, "better than new."

It was built in 2004, and the arrangement now includes an added bonus: The skinny lot next door comes with the house. Which could help explain the $529,000 price tag, unless Summerhill has heated up so much that a 2,800-square-foot house will fetch that.

Sure, the wonky kitchen layout, bold exterior paint scheme, and some finishes and tile work won't bowl over all the picky homebuyers of Atlanta. But it's a large house with admirable downtown proximity and potential for the world's greatest horseshoe pit next door.