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Real Estate Deathmatch: Midtown Condo Edition

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Two properties touch gloves in battle of sleek vs. square footage

In this edition of Real Estate Death Match, we pit two $250,000 Midtown condos against one another in a battle of sleek vs. square footage.

Located less than a half mile apart, these contenders have little in common other than the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms — and, "Peachtree" in each mailing address.

^ PEACHTREE LOFTS: In the red corner (pictured above), with one bedroom and one bathroom, 878 Peachtree St. NE, No. 529, boasts 1,260 square feet in the heart of Midtown. Featuring one of the building's larger floor plans, this industrial-looking condo has two walls of large windows as well as updated tile and new paint throughout. And, of course, 24-hour concierge, pool, gym, and proximity to all the cool stuff Midtown has to offer.

Cost: $255,000

HOA Fee: $475/month

^ PLAZA MIDTOWN: In the blue corner, with one bedroom, one bathroom, and 866 square feet: 44 Peachtree NW Place No. 1225. Located "an elevator ride away from Publix, shops and restaurants," this one boasts a "wall of windows throughout," hardwood floors, granite/stainless steel kitchen, and the amenities one might expect living in a building like this: concierge, pool, fitness room, etc.

Cost: $259,900

HOA Fee: $353/month