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Long-Stalled East Point Town Center Project Back in Play

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While proposals had been floating around for years, the small city south of Atlanta is hoping to get things moving now

Like other municipalities throughout the land, the City of East Point, located just south of Atlanta, is dusting off plans to create a town center. But East Point's would have the added bonus of being adjacent to MARTA.

At East Point's most recent city council meeting, it was unveiled that the city hoped to start work on a long-planned town center, and that Macauley Investments had been selected to build the mixed-use development along Main Street in the heart of historic East Point, according to a tipster.

Drawings on the Macauley website show how the proposed development could provide 300 multifamily units and another 183 independent living units. In addition to the residential component, there would be space for a small grocery store, 36,000 square feet of retail space, and 916 parking spaces.

The development would fill three largely vacant blocks hemmed in by railroad and MARTA tracks to the east of the site. The southern portion of the site would retain the existing library as well as a health center, and provide access to the city's MARTA station. A timeline, however, is not provided.