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Colony Square Plans Unveiled in New Fly-Through

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Major changes are in store for the iconic Midtown development as it readies for its 50th birthday

North American Properties has unveiled a fly-through video of their highly anticipated renovations of Colony Square, located at one of Midtown's busiest corners.

The group, which bought the 40-something-year-old development last year, is planning a radical redesign of the dated facility, in time for its 50th anniversary in 2018. New York-based architects Beyer Blinder Belle is leading the charge, with help from Atlanta-based Lord Aeck Sargent.

Renderings show an outdoor pedestrian plaza ringed by retail spaces, a theater, restaurants, and even a new building at the northern edge of the site, along Peachtree Street. The new design will create more flow between the two high-rise office towers, the residential tower, and hotel tower that comprise the site now, providing a feel that is more urban than the current interior mall and food court arrangement.

Back when the project was first announced, a majority of Curbed readers voiced their support for the proposal. Since then, more than 200 interviews were conducted to gather community feedback, according to a press release by North American Properties.

Soon, things should kick into high gear, as the overhaul is slated to wrap in 2018, and the big changes are destined to take plenty of time.

See the short fly-through video right over here.

Colony Square

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