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Peachtree Center Wants to Go the Way of Colony Square

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Plans call for a major revitalization to make sprawling downtown complex more competitive with newer office facilities

Downtown Atlanta's Peachtree Center could be in for a new lease on life, as officials have announced an overhaul of the iconic property.

According to a press release, commercial real estate team CBRE will be reimagining the retail, restaurant, and street-front facilities throughout the complex in an effort to make them more inviting to the office workers, hotel guests, and growing residential population in the area.

Amy Fingerhut, the Vice President of retail services for CBRE, who will be leading the project, said, "The idea is to reimagine the space available and create life and energy in the heart of Downtown."

That kind of ambition aligns with the goals laid out by the City of Atlanta in a recent request for proposals for a vision for Peachtree Street in downtown.

The brainchild of Atlanta architect and developer John Portman, Peachtree Center defines a large portion of downtown — and could have a dramatic impact on the area as its role changes. Recently, John Portman oversaw the overhaul of the first building at Peachtree Center, which included the addition of Hotel Indigo and appropriately named restaurant JP.

The huge complex was begun more than 50 years ago — with buildings added to over the intervening decades — and encompasses 19.6 million square feet across 10 office buildings, three convention hotels, four trademart buildings, four parking garages, a retail mall, and a health club. It has direct access to the MARTA station that bears the development's name.

The announcement comes on the heals of plans for a logistically similar revamp at Colony Square in Midtown. The two developments sparked waves of change in their respective neighborhoods when built, but are both now showing their age.

The Mall at Peachtree Center

231 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303-1603 404 654 1296