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Beltline Lot on Piedmont Park is Just $80K. But It's, Like, a Cliff

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This land is made for creativity

In the midst of Atlanta's feeding frenzy for buildable lots, logic would suggest that a piece of land fronting both the Beltline and Piedmont Park would sell quicker than prozac at a Braves game.

Especially if that lot is clear, a workable 9,000 square feet in Virginia-Highland, and priced at just $80,000.

But there's always a catch. The recently listed land in question is zoned industrial, and it's basically a little cliff, sloping down to a creek and the pathway leading to the park's most northeastern section, near Orpheus Brewing.

Which begs the question: With the right amount of ingenuity, what could happen here?

Ackerman & Co. broker Bob Gottlieb, who's marketing the property, concedes that it's "odd" but "fascinating," with loads of creative design potential.

"It's in a wonderful location with a great view of Piedmont Park," Gottlieb tells Curbed Atlanta. "It reminds me of the lot where The Chemosphere house in L.A. was built. I think with the right architects and engineers something amazing could be built there."

Chemosphere II over Piedmont Park? It's food for thought.