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For $429K, Glassy Lake Claire House is Architecturally Unique

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Haters of glass block need not apply

This unique Lake Claire offering could appeal to homebuyers with architectural significance, airy rooms, and abundant glass atop their checklists.

Behind an artsy metal gate, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom house from 1998 still has a fun contemporary feel, as works by Carlos Tardio — the Atlanta architect known for designing whimsical modernist abodes among the trees — typically do.

With windows galore, translucent doors, and a wide-open master bedroom that'd be like sleeping in a frozen aquarium, this place doesn't want for natural light. It has what could be Atlanta's most sculptural kitchen island — and, for that matter, fireplace. The double dose of private balconies set in the trees is a nice touch.

Which probably helped inspire the listing agent to write: "Do yourself a favor and come experience this home for yourself, you will be glad you did."

It's technically a townhome, as it shares one wall with a similar unit. Zillow lists the square footage at 1,438. The price: $429,000.

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