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MARTA Menu Lets You Decide What Comes Next

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With possible vote this fall, Atlantans have big decisions to be made on transit

For those who want to the power to (hypothetically) chose how MARTA grows in the coming years, a new website — appropriately billed as "MARTA Menu" — has come to life.

The website allows users to play benevolent transit-loving dictator and decide what projects get built under funding that could follow a "yes" vote on the ballot come November. Options range from infill stations, to streetcars, to high-capacity busways.

The "menu" offers the ability to toggle the range of projects on the list of possibilities, which tops a staggering $8.8 billion. With revenue from the taxes estimated at just $2.5 billion, the site forces users to prioritize what could be the most important additions to the system, given funding limits.

So it's like Monopoly — with Atlanta's future quality-of-life at stake.

Beyond giving people the power to spend money that doesn't exist, the site familiarizes visitors with the range of projects that could be built under funding that could follow a "yes" vote on the November ballot. And while it's clear that the majority of projects probably cannot happen, given financial constraints (unless the feds really make it rain on ATL), the site should open folks' minds as to what could be accomplished if Atlantans vote for transit.