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Discounts Continue for Classic Oakhurst Renovation

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Three price-chops since March for this Craftsman 'dream home'

The listing agent stresses that this revived, circa-1933 Craftsman "dream home" is more than 90 percent new construction now and is sure to have everything a discerning Oakhurst buyer is yearning for, just in time for summer.

Because it didn't find a taker all spring.

Now, the checklist the agent refers to does seem impressive, and certainly par for the course at this price point, in this part of town: five bedrooms (check), more thank 3,100 square feet (check), classy clawfoot tub (why not), luxurious Carrara marble double shower (but of course). Added perk: It's just up the street from the Oakhurst Village. Another: that secluded upstairs porch off the back.

So why is this a tough sell? Pricier homes around this size have moved in the neighborhood.

Listed at $850,000 in March, the renovated dreamboat has endured three price-chops since, each around $10,000. The latest came this week, landing the ask at $819,900.