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Coming Soon to Atlanta: a Bona Fide Bike-Share Program!

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This summer Cyclehop will install 10 bike-rental stations around the city

Not terribly long from now, Atlanta will join other world-class, aspirational cities like New York City, London, and Berlin. No, we aren’t getting a regionally convenient train system or a newfound appreciation for history. Bike-shares are coming!

This summer Cyclehop will debut 10 rental stations with 100 bikes in Atlanta, which anyone can use anywhere in the city for a fee and drop off at any other station. The company plans to expand to 500 bikes by the end of the year.

But first things first. Before opening the system to the public, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is reaching out to city residents to figure out where most people would like to see rental stations.

"We really want Atlantans to have input on where the bike-share stations expand to next around the city," executive director of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Rebecca Serna said in a press release "But the challenge is also creating interest in a type of public transportation that many people have never experienced."

According to the Washington Post, bike-share operations have exploded in the last decade or so. In 2004, only 13 cities had them, and by last year, that number had grown to 855.

In an effort to solicit the most input, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition will randomly select one survey participant each week to receive a $50 gift card. And one participant will be the lucky winner of a new children’s bike.

The survey is simple. Just text 678-647-7176 and answer the following question with your neighborhood of choice:

When the bike share system expands, in what neighborhood do you want to see bike share stations?