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Sale of Tyler Perry's Mansion Makes Real Estate History

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Chez Madea sells for a steeply reduced $17.5 million

Somebody just bought the insanely opulent home of Tyler Perry, but it took some serious price slashing to make this deal happen.

Listed originally for $25 million in June last year, the 35,000-square-foot French Provincial palace on the banks of the Chattahoochee in Buckhead sold for $17.5 million on April 29, according to Estately.

Touted originally by the listing agent as "perhaps the most compelling private residence to ever be offered to market in the history of Atlanta," all 17 manicured acres, a big hobby house, a jaw-dropping pool, screening room, and a sure-enough parking deck topped by a lighted tennis court — all of it goes to an as-yet-unnamed mystery buyer with Creflo Dollar-level bank.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, this is the most expensive residential home sale in the city’s history.

So, let’s play a guessing game. Who is filthy rich enough — and has good reason to be here in Atlanta — to afford such an unconscionably extravagant property?