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Asking $1 Million: This 1920 Reynoldstown Church

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Sellers ask 'the right investor' to see the commercial potential here

A longstanding Reynoldstown church is hoping to capitalize on Beltline fervor and go the way of similar religious structures elsewhere in the neighborhood, Inman Park, and Old Fourth Ward, among other places.

Built in 1920, the Cummings Street house of worship is currently occupied by Morning Star Baptist Church. The 2,160-square-foot facility's Georgia MLS listing describes it as follows: "Potential commercial, Beltline property. Looking for the right investor."

The asking price is an even $1 million.

It's a couple of blocks south of Parks Grounds — the neighborhood's coffee shop/dog park/bar hybrid — and what could emerge as a commercial center in the heart of Reynoldstown, should Beltline-adjacent, mixed-use plans materialize.

Added bonus: The windows come pre-burglar barred, and a sophisticated caging system guards the A/C units. The site appears to have ample parking, with an attached gravel lot and wraparound street frontage.

The repurposing of former intown churches has seen an uptick in recent years, resulting in high-dollar lofts in Inman Park, a fitting habitat for improv comedy in Old Fourth Ward, and swanky architects' offices a few blocks away in R-town, to name a few.

It's probably worth noting that the larger Reynoldstown-church-turned-architecture-firm sold for about half as much — $550,000 — less than two years ago.