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Where the Massive DeKalb Farmers Market Expansion will Happen. Eventually.

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Photos: Two years after site work began, construction isn't exactly humming along

Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

In early 2014, Atlantans rejoiced when work began to expand the beloved but always-packed Your DeKalb Farmers Market, a Scottdale institution for decades.

More than two years later, the massive cleared site is cricket central. YDFM officials tell Curbed Atlanta the expansion project is still in planning stages, and that no updates are available.

For now, the following photo essay should help convey just how large this project will be — eventually. It could reportedly be the largest grocery store in America if plans fully materialize.

The wonderland of relatively cheap, global foodstuffs started as a mere 7,500-square-foot Decatur produce stand in 1977. Plans to expand the popular market have been floating around since 2012, and site prep began more than two years ago, with a goal of wrapping the first phase in 2015.

According to a 2014 Creative Loafing story, the expansion would consume more than 100 acres (including some woods that are gonzo now). It would triple the existing retail space (142,000 square feet) to 550,000 square feet or more, adding 2,600 new parking spaces.

The ambitions were so big, in fact, that the Atlanta Regional Commission reviewed them and issued an impact report in 2012. The ARC wasn't exactly blown away, as CL reported. "The development is proposed in a typical suburban strip mall format," the ARC report read.

ARC officials suggested incorporating better pedestrian access, layout of greenspace, and bicycle parking, among other recommendations.