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Buckhead Modern is Like a Midcentury Nightclub

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Enough slick finishes and white walls to make an ultra-lounge feel cozy

Tucked off Roswell Road in North Buckhead, this contemporary domicile is a study in unique angles, unconventional room proportions, and downright arctic interior aesthetics.

Following a minimalistic overhaul by Wilcox Design Group — and an infusion of European finishes — it's hard to believe the house dates to 1955. It listed in September at $1.2 million and now asks about $150,000 less, following a price reduction this week.

With nearly 5,000 square feet, this place has space to spare, and plenty for modern fanatics to adore. Unique, if unnecessary, perks include a two-story dressing room and his and her bathroom options in the master.

Nobody would call the backyard inspired, or even well-utilized, but as the listing agent notes, it's primed for a pool.