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Akon's Bonkers Atlanta Mansion Hits Market at $2.5M

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With an indoor pool and racquetball court, who cares that the roof's caving in?

The sprawling contemporary palace in Sandy Springs that Akon once paraded through for MTV Cribs has hit the market — as a $2.5-million fixer-upper.

Tucked within a tight-security subdivision called Wildercroff, on a palm-studded 13-acre plot a stone's throw from the Chattahoochee River, this sterile but sexy compound of nearly 15,000 square feet was built 26 years ago, and upkeep apparently hasn't been its strong suit.

The listing repeatedly stresses how the house is in need of major fixes, adding that a failing roof has caused "ceiling issues in many rooms," but on the bright side, "it has a lot of potential and a lot of acreage to expand." Because 15,000 square feet can get a little close.

The singer, rapper, businessman, and ringtone baron behind such hits as "Smack That" once boasted for the MTV cameras that his house's front door, which remains, weighed a muscle-building 500 pounds. Elsewhere, Akon pointed out a chandelier of Italian crystals and pure-white grand and baby-grand pianos, plus a planned alligator pit, and an indoor lap pool in what he'd dubbed the "Phelps room."

Akon reportedly gave the crib to his mother last year — but possibly not as a purely charitable gesture.

For the most part, the interior is stark white like a high-end spa, a color choice afflicting some bench seating that resembles a massive toilet. The indoor pool area goes boldly, suddenly blue — in a shade that almost matches the basketball courts (yes, plural). Other features include two full guest houses, a chef's kitchen with abundant dishwashers, and a putting green.