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Checking In: Noteworthy Renovations of Atlanta Listings Past

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Atlantans love them some classic bungalows, most of the time


From Adair Park to Druid Hills, Atlanta is loaded with renovated homes of all shapes and sizes. At every price point, some projects prove more attractive to buyers than others.

For Renovation Week, we've reached back in the archives and found some of the more interesting flips and remodels of months and years past to see how they fared — or are faring — on the open market.

To memory lane!


In April 2015, this revived and charming West End bungalow stood as one of the neighborhood's priciest listings at $204,999. The porch-heavy property will celebrate its centennial next year.

Status: After some smart staging mercifully brought the place to life, someone swooped in and took it for $197,000 last July.


Lest we forget this huge reno near Spaghetti Junction with its own nickname, The Smokecreek Chalet, which listed in October for $1.15 million. The bones date to 1980, but there's plenty of obliterated walls and contemporary industrial touches among these 5,500 square feet to mask — or in some cases, embrace — its age.

Status: After two price reductions, it remains on the market at $895,000.


From the outside, this looks like a quintessential Atlanta bungalow, but from within, it's like stepping into a Castleberry Hill loft. Since 1920, this two-bedroom house has stood in Summerhill, for now around the corner from Turner Field.

Status: The asking price has dipped to $275,000, which is $75,000 cheaper than its initial price a month before.


At last check, this deceptively large reno in Edgewood was looking for love at $540,000. It checked a lot of boxes for lovers of classic, traditional renovations and offered 3,351 square feet, which nobody would guess from the street.

Status: Sold for $505,000 last month.


A few years ago, Beastie Boy Mike D invested — wisely, apparently — in this remodeled midcentury modern pad in Buckhead. Perched on a wooded hill, the four-bedroom dates to 1964, with modern upgrades throughout.

Status: After a few slow and low weeks on market, someone asked "So What'cha Want?" and watched the price mmmmmm drop, scoring the house for $805,000 in January — $45,000 less than the initial list. Still, the sale brought $120,000 more than Mike D and his director wife, Tamra Davis, paid for virtually the same house in 2013.