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Decatur Lands a Unique Whole Foods Market Concept

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This version of Whole Foods, they say, won't gobble your whole paycheck

Decatur is set to welcome metro Atlanta's first 365 by Whole Foods Market — a concept with high grocery standards that apparently won't claim a whole paycheck.

The 365 concept will be part of a planned shopping plaza called "North Decatur Square" — located just outside the city limits, near the new Decatur Walmart — being developed by S.J. Collins Enterprises.

The store's website lists the forthcoming Decatur address as 1609 Church St., a site occupied (for now) by Nalley Infiniti Decatur. It's at the intersection of North Decatur Road and Church Street.

In a press release, S.J. Collins Enterprises partner Jeff Garrison said this alternate Decatur square will provide "several other chef-driven and fast-casual restaurants" along with the grocery component among its 90,000 square feet of commercial space.

The first 365 by Whole Foods is scheduled to open near Los Angeles this month, followed by about 10 more between Oregon and Gainesville, Fla.

Officials said North Decatur Square should open in spring 2018.