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Latest Batch of Reynoldstown Townhomes Breaks Ground

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The backhoes are busy just south of the Edgewood Retail District

Site work is plowing ahead on a batch of 23 townhomes that will continue the trend of Moreland Avenue development heading southward from Little Five Points.

This 23-unit townhome cluster now has a name: Reynolds Square. Developers told Curbed Atlanta in October that prices will start in the $300,000s — markedly cheaper than similar products in other parts of town — but pricing specifics are listed only as "Coming Soon" on the project's website now. (We've asked for more details and will post if they come).

Reynolds Square will offer five different floorplans, ranging from 1,820 square feet (the Gibson) to 2,147 square feet (the Hawthorne). The larger units — the ones facing Moreland Avenue — will have rooftop decks.

"Reynolds Square is located in one of Atlanta’s most desirable and historic neighborhoods," the online promotion reads. "Gaze from your private rooftop terrace or explore this historic neighborhood and all its charm."

Situated kitty-corner from the Edgewood Retail District, Reynolds Square will rise just south of 285 apartments under construction at the Station R mixed-use project.