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Atlanta Lands in Top Ten for Staycations

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Ranking shows Atlanta beats out other major cities across the country

Summer: a time to venture off to exciting vacation spots to escape from the horrible realities of daily life, right?

Well, it turns out that Atlantans may need look no further than their own backyard to find one of America's best places for a good time.

According to a new report by WalletHub, Atlanta is the sixth best city in the country for a "staycation." Rankings are based on things like hiking trails and pools per capita, cost of visiting recreational areas, and weather.

Since last year, Atlanta has slipped four spots, with Florida taking control of the top three on this year with Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa all beating out the Big Peach. Also ahead of Atlanta were Salt Lake City and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Still, ranking sixth isn't all that bad, and Atlanta is by far the most balanced of the top 10 across the three categories, earning a seven in "Recreation," a 10 in "Food & Entertainment," and a 15 in "Rest & Relaxation."

For some tips on planning a staycation in Atlanta this summer, check out our Pocket Guide.