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For a Million Bucks: Alleged 'Midcentury Modern' Renovation in Buckhead

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Paces property overlooks forest, creeks, peace

Overlooking serene creeks in the woods and surrounded by more than four acres — 2.8 of which are in a conservation easement — this stylish renovation in Paces is situated on the kind of property apt to make a prospective homebuyer forget they're standing in Buckhead.

It's touted as a midcentury-modern stunner but was actually built in 1980. That's midcentury when the margin of error is, like, 15 years.

Touting "sought after privacy and connection to nature," the four bedroom, three bathroom, 4,750-square-foot home boasts panoramic views of nature. And, judging by the photos, there's indeed plenty of deck space, windows, and abundant natural light.

Despite the beautiful interior and surrounding natural haven, there's one major (but easily fixable) problem here:

There's a big, freaking tree branch on the roof in the main gallery photo. Come on, y'all. It's a $1 million listing. Couldn't somebody have climbed a ladder?