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Elegant 'Trophy' Penthouse Offers 10 Rooms over Buckhead

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Could this be Peachtree Road's ultimate bachelorette pad?

This bilevel "trophy" penthouse with expansive Buckhead views is billed as one lucky buyer's entree into "the world of glamour," and appropriately so.

The seller is well-known Buckhead socialite Merry Carlos, the ex-wife of Chris Michael Carlos, the CEO of National Distributing Company. Apart from the whimsical kids' rooms, the penthouse is fittingly gussied up like the ultimate, elegant bachelorette pad.

According to tax records, Carlos paid $1.39 million for this massive flat (4,563 square feet) back in 2013. It hit the market Tuesday for $1.62 million.

Highlights include the wicked-cool staircase, Vinings-to-Stone-Mountain vistas from the wraparound balcony, and the general spaciousness of rooms (with three bedrooms and so much volume, the living spaces had better not be cramped).

It's perched atop The Phoenix on Peachtree, a 27-story condo building finished in 2001 with just 65 units — the former home of Young Jeezy and other ATL notables.

Mud Monkey on Peachtree

2385 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 812-1750