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1908 Grant Park Beauty Lands Contract in Seconds Flat

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Seven achingly charming fireplaces included? Check

This stately old gal from 1908 moseyed onto the market last Friday at $659,900 and quickly went under contract. Maybe it was the flapping Old Glory out front that got Memorial Day buyers in the offer-submitting mood?

Or maybe it was the seven beautiful fireplaces, transom windows, and original bannister? Or the five bedrooms? Or three legitimately large options for outdoor relaxation? Or that a home with this vintage actually has a two-spot garage?

Those factors apparently trumped the fact it's not a sprawling old mansion (2,340 square feet), and it's located on somewhat busy Boulevard, and not the section that fronts the park. (It's a whole block away).

The listing stresses the house has been "lovingly restored with care and attention," and it certainly looks like it.