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Around Downtown, Atlanta's Bike Share Finally Debuts

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Bright blue bikes are now available throughout downtown for rent, with more planned soon across the city

For the second time in as many years, politicians, transportation advocates, downtown dwellers on lunch breaks, and the press gathered in Woodruff Park for the unveiling of a new transportation option for the City of Atlanta.

City leaders officially launched the long-anticipated bike sharing program Thursday called Relay. Operated by Cyclehop, the program features 100 bright blue bikes at 10 downtown locations, but will expand to 500 bikes across the city over the next year.

There are a range of plan options to appeal to visitors and locals alike, providing the opportunity to pay in advance for bike time. The program brings Atlanta into line with other major world cities like London, Beijing, New York, and Toronto.

And for those dying to get out and enjoy the new bikes, this week also brings the Atlanta Bicycle Festival (and Atlanta Streets Alive on Sunday), with a wide range of events for those who cruise on two wheels.