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Massive Slip’N Slide Comes to Atlanta This Month

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Slide the City will bring a 1000-foot-long waterslide to downtown Atlanta

Summer technically isn’t here yet, but it’s boiling out there, kiddies.

So it's worth nothing that, in a few weeks, Atlantans will be able to beat the heat in the heart of the city — in a way that involves water, gravity, and presumably fun.

Utah-based entertainment company Slide the City will be bringing their massive water slide to downtown June 25. Because, really, is there a better way to cool off from the oppressive summer heat in Atlanta than with a 1000-foot-long Slip'N Slide?

The slide will be set up at Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Andrew Young International Bouleavard, adjacent to the Dome-GWCC-Philips Arena MARTA station. There are three time slots available to keep lines down, with three runs on the slide costing up to $35. Be warned that prices will go up the day before the event.

Some proceeds go to Hands on Atlanta.