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For $649K, Midcentury Atlanta Ranch is Infused with Modern Pizzaz

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According to the backsplash, this is decidedly not a midcentury-modern time capsule

This month, the Atlanta real estate market has produced compelling examples of midcentury modern home architecture — such as here in Northcrest, and over here too — that could serve as museums to the time period and esthetic. But this is not one of those cases.

This four-bedroom pad from 1962 in Pine Hills takes a decidedly different approach, having been fully renovated and infused with bold, contemporary style and functionality (the thermostat, lights, and alarm can be controlled remotely, for instance).

It’s certainly fun (Exhibit A: funky-cool backsplash), with an emphasis on social spaces. Perks include elements that run throughout the property: birch hardwood floors, an integrated indoor/outdoor sound system, and extensive landscape lighting with something called "moon lighting."

Yet it’s been on the market for nearly a month and underwent a $40,000 price-chop at the end of May. Could the two and 1/2 bathrooms be to blame? Or the non-sprawling 2,192 square feet?

In any case, the ask is now $649,900.