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Intriguing Modern Tucked Away in Northwest Atlanta

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Exposed HVAC, garage door windows, and reclaimed wood

For those who dig garage-door windows, exposed HVAC ductwork, and reclaimed wood, there’s a home over in Northwest Atlanta’s Hills Park with some daring design elements and modern flair.

Built in 2005, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home just hit the market for $435,000, which seems strangely cheap for a seemingly fresh intown contemporary with 2,400 square feet. The landscaping architecture alone looks like it cost several thousand, at least.

The listing boasts of an open floor plan with natural light "flow(ing) throughout the home," and a master suite with the aforementioned garage door window/door. An open staircase leads up to the master suite as well as a second-story office. The detached carport looks capable of sheltering three cars.

With what looks to be lots of patio space, it seems a good place for backyard parties. Just roll up the garage door/window, and it’s on. But, mind the mosquitoes.