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Major Overhaul Plans Unveiled for Woodruff Arts Center

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Plans highlight not just interior work, but a possible exterior transformation of the facility

Two years ago, it was announced that Atlanta’s aging Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff Arts Center would undergo renovations to mark the building’s 50th anniversary. Back in October, renderings were released, showing a sexy new look for the performing venue.

New renderings by Trahan Architects on design website ArchDaily show a major overhaul of not just the theater but the building's interaction with Peachtree Street.

As promised, the theater will become a sinuously sculpted cocoon of wood that will envelop patrons and improve acoustics in the facility. The renovation will also bring new learning spaces, pre-performance spaces, and more inviting public spaces for visitors.

Arguably, the biggest transformation would be elimination of the monolithic, fortress-like relationship the building has with Peachtree Street. A never-before released rendering shows a large new lawn, linking up with the entrance to the High Museum, which will provide a grand experience from Atlanta’s premiere street.

Currently, Octane Coffee is building out a location in the area indicated to be demolished in the project, making it seem like a project of that scope could be a long way off. Nonetheless, if constructed, the high-style would compliment the transformation of Colony Square that is rumored to be kicking off tomorrow, catty-corner from the Woodruff Arts Center.

All images by Trahan Architects via ArchDaily.