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Church in Old Fourth Ward to be Born Again as Duplex

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McGruder Street Church of God in Christ, built in 1940, will become residences near Krog Street Market

First an architecture office, then a comedy club, and even condos: Atlanta churches are gaining new purpose in their afterlives as investors re-envision them as new spaces.

The latest conversion is located in Old Fourth Ward, just a few blocks from Krog Street Market. Built in 1940 as the McGruder Street Church of God in Christ, the building will be reborn as a duplex, according to permits. Beyond plans to preserve the distinctive front stair, plans for the building are unclear, and the owner did not respond to a request for information.

Originally listed back in 2014 for $350,000, according to Estately, the building sold at $295,000 almost 18 months ago. While it has clearly taken some time to get affairs in order, construction has begun, and permits indicate that the intended construction value of the conversion is $215,000.

The trend of turning religious spaces into residential isn’t all that new, or unique to Atlanta. In fact, the McGruder Street conversion is not even the first intown Atlanta church-to-residential conversion; and Lizzie Chapel, over in Inman Park, was converted last year into 10 residential units.