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Bicycle Coalition Proposes Bike Lanes on Peachtree

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Vision would bring “complete street” concepts to Midtown, downtown

Normally, cars dominate in Atlanta, including on Atlanta’s main street: Peachtree. However, last weekend, Streets Alive took over Peachtree Street through Midtown and downtown, providing pedestrians and cyclists the opportunity to take control.

But if the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition has their way, cars, cyclists, and pedestrians could coexist under a plan to add dedicated bike lanes and expand sidewalks on two miles of Peachtree Street. Floated last week at Streets Alive, the "Connect Peachtree Street Plan" proposes paring down car travel lanes in favor of re-imagining Peachtree Street into a bicycle and pedestrian friendly "complete street."

Cutting car travel lanes down to one in each direction, the proposal would add protected bike lanes near the sidewalks in each direction and, in some wider areas of the street, afford a lane of parking for area businesses.

While many Atlantans may be quick to speak out against losing a lane (not unlike the backlash in Buckhead), at many times throughout the day there is only one passable lane along many blocks of the street as delivery trucks park in the curb-side lane. Still, it would be a hard pill to swallow, though advocates argue that other streets are better suited for larger volumes of cars, and by making Peachtree a people-oriented street, foot traffic and visibility of businesses would actually increase.

While the proposal has a long fight to fruition, it does highlight the growing chorus of bike infrastructure supporters in the City.