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New Hotel Renderings Issued for Braves’ SunTrust Park

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Plans show poolside viewing above the outfield

New renderings for the 16-story Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta beside the Atlanta Braves’ SunTrust Park show a pool situated above the outfield (somewhere between right and center field), making it seemingly possible to watch the game while swimming laps.

Atlanta firm C+TC Design Studio recently put the new renderings up on their website.

An anchor component of the soon-to-open ballpark, the Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta includes 264 units, top-floor suites with terraces overlooking the game, and a 5,250 square-foot ballroom.

In May, the Atlanta Braves announced eight new concepts for the mixed-use mecca around SunTrust Park, including a burger joint by actor and entrepreneur Mark Wahlberg.

The stadium’s entertainment and residential component, the Battery Atlanta has also landed concepts by Ford Fry, Linton Hopkins, and Antico Pizza owners, among others.

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